Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow days

snow days are fun ! i know because i go to my grampas house and they get snow some times . right now I'm at my
grampas house. me and my uncle were playing snow ball fights and my grandma got a tractor for x mas so we were making our snow balls and my grandpa was driving the tractor and he stopped and asked my uncle if he wanted to ride right before he got on he had made at least 100 snow balls and i heard him ask my uncle if he wanted to ride so he said "yea i will ride and when they turned around i went and got mostly all of the snow balls ! so when i did not see him coming back he saw me getting them and so i ran and hid and he went in side and i went inside to so we might start fighting again that will be so fun !!!!!! cant wait !


  1. it was at least 4 feet of snow that day

  2. I just received your message about your upcoming MRI. I hope all is well and that you will keep me posted on how things go. I do publish your comments to my blog for all to see. You are in our prayers!

  3. Yes Braelynn snow days are fun and the reson i know is because i used to go to Kansas City,Missouri,and Missouri gets alot of snow.And tornados too,so i know what snow days are like and even tornados too.