Monday, February 22, 2010


M MRI a mri is a huge thing that you slide out a table so you could lay on it and it takes picture of your body really fast you usually go in a MRI when you have a problem in your body i know this because i was in one it looks scary but it really is not. so i recently had a MRI on my brain because if you had been updating on my blog that i had an infection in my bone marrow. and now my doctor said that it could of left a pocket in my brain so we checked that my results came in a few days after that it turn'es out it came back normal but there is still something wrong in my head cause every time i see something i have seen only once i get really dizzier and flowwed that is my huge headache so i will be going to see a neurologist about this so yeah and if you ever had a bad inflection that had a big reaction like mine please tell me that would be cool if we could compare what happened ! thank you for all your prays Mrs.Trefz and her class

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  1. wow i could just imagine getting one of those and getting poked well at least you can play P.E.