Friday, September 3, 2010

6th grade

6th grade
  1. Its fun i Guess
  2. Your backpack will be Hevy
  3. You will have bounch of Homework
  4. You will get Smart Mabye
  5. You will Love Weekends To sleep In
  6. Dont Get In Trouble At Least Try like Mee
  7. Make It Your Year

Monday, April 26, 2010

a great friend !!!

a good friend its a person who respects you and your actions. A best friends is the one who is there for you always & never ever gives you a condition to be her friend. A good friend keeps your secrets, help you when you need help or when you are sad or mad, never get jealous of other friends that u have that would be that your"good friend" does not trust your love towards her a good friend loves you and your family &never laugh or say bad things about your family. Share, talk about problems to you because she trust you, a good friend is the one who always wants to talk to you or having your attention, the one who says that loves you and you will be friends for ever!!! but stop!!never say forever cause you don't know what can happen most of the times when you said forever the friendship disappears...!!! that's my definition of a good friend comment if you have more to say

Thursday, March 25, 2010

my soccer team

Hey Guys !! well see here im going to yalk about soccer i love soccer i have been playing sence i was 5 my mom was my coach i want to get a scholeir ship for being so good i would say i am good !!!!!!!! hahahahaha but i am playing on this team only for a little bit only a month so it is so so so so so so fun !!! im going toady a 7:00 it ends at 8:30 so its going to be fun

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

aims !!

we have this big test and coming up and im very scared if you guys have advice please please tell me cause im very scared !!! what do i do well we get to chew gum but a found out that next year when im in 6th graed we cant have recess ugh !! middle school is a hasel so that wount be fun mabye i will have fun and mabye i wount well i dont know what to write about so if you want to hear somthing from me just tell me !!! thank you !!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

disney land

i went to disney land on monday it was so fun. And i went on this cool ride it is a roller coaster if you go to disney land there is a another place called califorinia adventures it has a roller coaster called screamin'califorinia it goes in a circle well i liked a lot of rides and my second fav was indaina gones it is so coo;l you ride in a truck and he sayes you have not very good brakes and at the end of the ride you can see a ball and it looks like it is going to fall on you but it is just a projection screen so thank you plz comment on my blog more thx !!

Monday, February 22, 2010


M MRI a mri is a huge thing that you slide out a table so you could lay on it and it takes picture of your body really fast you usually go in a MRI when you have a problem in your body i know this because i was in one it looks scary but it really is not. so i recently had a MRI on my brain because if you had been updating on my blog that i had an infection in my bone marrow. and now my doctor said that it could of left a pocket in my brain so we checked that my results came in a few days after that it turn'es out it came back normal but there is still something wrong in my head cause every time i see something i have seen only once i get really dizzier and flowwed that is my huge headache so i will be going to see a neurologist about this so yeah and if you ever had a bad inflection that had a big reaction like mine please tell me that would be cool if we could compare what happened ! thank you for all your prays Mrs.Trefz and her class