Monday, December 14, 2009


I'm going to Mississippi for 21 days for Christmas to be with half of my family I'm so exited and love going down there I'm Love to play with my cousin Hunter hes not boring at all he loves to build stuff like dog houses and club houses we have a lot of tree houses and alot of fun . and i have a cousin shes 13 and all she wants to do is go on my space and always on the computer so shes kind of boring but some times fun.and then my grandma i call her Nana shes always nice and fun !and my dad hes nice and fun i love him so much . and my aunt Chrissy shes my best aunt ever shes so fun ! and my 2 sisters there names are baleigh and Addy Baleigh is the oldest shes about 2 and Addy she is 10 month's and shes the cutest ever and Baleigh shes a very fun toddler ! well i hope you enjoyed Reading a bout my family and hope you all enjoy your x-mas so thanks !!!!


  1. Christmas is a wonderful time of year as it brings families together. It sounds like you are going to have a great time visiting your aunt and cousins. Sorry it has taken me so long to post a comment here. Our school has been busy preparing for a Christmas Pageant along with many other events that require a lot of time. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Keep up the great work that you are doing with your blog!!

  2. You will be visiting a neighboring state of mine! Hope you enjoy the south over the Christmas holidays!