Thursday, October 15, 2009

im done with the sickness

hey im out of the hospital and i got my IV out and it was not scary taking it out she cut the stiches that had the tube connected to my arm and then there was some little piece of tape and ii pulled the tape and i pulled the tube out of my arm . it was weird because i felt when she pulled out the rest you probley thinks hats nasty but its better than every i would get a fever like 104.99 i would have to get a shot I HATE SHOTS AND THEY HATE ME and it would hurt so bad and before i got my IV the nurses poked me in my heal in my arm every were and omg was i screaming oh i could just hit them but only one girl could always get my blood with out me crying i was ready to get out and get it out im so glad its done because i can come to school on monday and I MISS MY FRIENDS SO BAD ADRI AND LAINE HEART YOU GISE so thats all for now so love braebrae

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